Wall clock

Irregular is not only a clock, it is also a home decoration
It is also a beloved of trend follower because the concept and the graphic of the clock is so stylish and becomes a symbol of lifestyle and fashion

The clock is specially hung slantly on the wall, it implies that we want to get away from boring and routine lives  


Free time
The graphic is perfectly explaining the product name "Free Time": Blue sky background / white clouds (numbers) / birds (removable stickers), all are the main elements of freedom.

The concept and purpose of this clock is to set you free, Don't be pushed by the time or don't chase the time, just be free, take a rest, and have some fun by putting the bird stickers wherever your like on the clock. 

The dial is printed with a QR code pattern while the hands are in the shape of QC code scanners, it is really funny and attractive.

The design concept is coming from QC code. QR code is now commonly used in our daily life, and we can find the code is surrounding us every minute or even every second. And QR code is the icon of trendy and high technology so it is specially suitable for those trend followers and IT lovers.