This is a unique and innovative designer tray for different purposes, The shape is so distinctive while the translucent colors is the eye catching element. And the main focus is the undulated walls which looks like the pattern of tracery, and that is why the tray is named Tracery.


Both sides of the tray can be used which is never seen in the market. On one side, there are seven small areas which are divided by the undulated walls which is good for separation and categorizing. And the other side is designed in plain which the large area is flexibile for different purposes and functions. 


And the plastic material is so strong and rigid enough to allow customer to hold the tray by one hand without the tray twisting. And the side walls are deep enough for grasping securely.

Tracery is surely not only a tray but also a symbol of fashionable and modern. It can be part of the home decor and the way to show off your stylish character.