RELAY is a plastic canister, the design is so unique and attractive. It is an eye catching item and no doubt an important part of your home decor, it is able to reflect your taste and lifestyle.

RELAY is having very special functions. The body of this canister is in attractive colors, it has a function of allowing users to write something on it, it plays a role of a "REMINDER" especially users throw the food packaging away, for example the brand or the expiry date of the food which can be written down on this canister.

RELAY can also be a “MESSAGE BOARD”. Users can leave any message to their beloved by writing something on the canister body. For example, to advise their beloved to eat healthily or leaves the cooking instruction to others.
The translucent colored cover is in the bottom part of the canister, it is like a big screen from which you can see what is contained inside and how much is left. This big cover also allows user to reach or wash the inside of the canister easier.
The top of the canister has 2 holes which are closed by a pair of cork stoppers, they are in different sizes which can function as a “CONTROLLER”, users can select either small or large stopper to control the amount or volume of food pouring out.