We have Glance - Photo Frame and Glance - Clock here...

Glance - Photo Frame 

It is a funny photo frame. The photo is placed in the middle of the big round frame, it looks like someone is looking outside through a window. It comes in 3 different colors which are suitable for matching different home styles.

Glance - Clock

The clock body is big while the dial is small but the hands are large, such a contrast is the key point of the design which brings out a funny and stylish feeling.

A big contrast is also found on the colors of clock body, dial and hands, it is so attractive and worth to have a Glance. With such a special designs and colors, it is not only a timepiece product, but also a decorative item of your home and office.

A special cut EVA backing functions as a stand and hook, so it is flexible for customer to put the clock on the desk or peg on the wall.